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InstantSystems - Automation Partner for Padel Clubs

In 2004, InstantSystems began developing hardware and software solutions built on full network integration. All solutions are managed via a web portal and enable a leap in productivity for all operators of decentralised points of sale and warehouses. The experience InstantSystems has gained over the last 15 years in the field of automation is reflected in all InstantSystems products and solutions through a high level of quality.

The InstantSystems products are all managed and controlled by a more or less standardised software package via a web portal. Currently, InstantSystems has thousands of machines in different continents, which are operated via a central data centre and cloud solution. Most of the InstantSystems hardware solutions are built on a modular principle and allow for quick and cost-efficient adaptation to almost any field or challenge that comes our way.

A high investment in R&D and the rapid decline in prices of key electronic components opened up many new areas for InstantSystems. Instant Inventory Management is the platform on which InstantSystems builds its solutions. Some of these new application areas of the Instant Inventory Management Platform are automated warehousing, commissioned warehousing, logistics, distribution industry, construction sector, smart containers, healthcare and hospitals, vending machines, automated shops (like AmazonGo, etz...).

In short, the possibilities for using InstantSystems technology and software are almost endless.

InstantSystems - Padel machines


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