World Padel Championships: Padel Tennis is already a reality that moves many millions of people around the world. After the last Padel World Championships, a new era was ushered in for our sport of padel.

With an unprecedented total of 40 countries in the qualification phase (Africa-Asia, South America, North America and Europe) as well as in the final phase, the FIP continues to improve the most important padel competition.

The first padel world championships with prize money

The XVI World Padel Championships will pay out €500,000 in prize money, divided equally between men and women, to all countries that have qualified for the finals.

The national associations are entrusted with the distribution of the prize money.

As for the venue, the Qatar Tennis Federation (QTF) was unable to hold the event as planned due to force majeure.

The FIP Executive Committee has decided that the XVI World Padel Championship will be held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The host period will be 31 October to 5 November 2022.

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