Boss German Padel Open: Germany is Padel-ready!

World Padel TourIn just over two weeks, the World Padel Tour (WPT) will make its first guest appearance in Germany from 23 September to 1 October with the BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT.

In an event packed with highlights at Düsseldorf's We Are Padel Club, organiser WWP-Group and tournament organiser e|motion offered media representatives exclusive insights behind the scenes of the up-and-coming padel world.

Statements about the BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT

The fact that a tournament of the world's biggest padel series is celebrating its premiere on German soil could give padel an enormous development boost in this country. The experts present agreed on this.

The most important statements at a glance:


Dr Sebastian Projahn, Vice President Sports Development, German Tennis Federation:

"Events like the BOSS German Padel Open are ideal for raising awareness of the sport and making it an experience. Our task as an association is to lay the foundation for padel in Germany - especially through infrastructure development, competition offers and coach training. We want to create attractive offers for amateur athletes as well as for ambitious top athletes. Our almost 9,000 tennis clubs can contribute to this by offering padel as an additional sport."


Denise Höfer, German No. 1 in women's padel:

"Germany is absolutely padel-ready! All doors are open for the sport to establish itself as a lifestyle product and as a social sport. Two factors are immensely important for the further growth of padel in Germany: that there are more and more padel facilities and that internationally important events like the German Padel Open take place here. I am very happy to be able to accompany and support this development as the current number 1 in Germany."


Dominik Beier, Tournament Director:

"Padel is the fastest growing sport worldwide and the World Padel Tour is its most important global event series. The BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT is therefore an important key to unleashing the huge potential of the German market. With this major event, we will accelerate the rapid growth even further. I am firmly convinced that padel will be widely established in Germany in three to five years and that it will no longer be possible to imagine life without it."

Bastian Becker, Director Sports, D.LIVE:

"With the BOSS German Padel Open, this action-packed sport takes the next important step in its development here in Germany. As host of the first and only stop of the World Padel Tour in Germany, we show once again that we give emerging and ambitious sports a home and the attention they deserve. Padel fits perfectly into our DNA at D.SPORTS - we were already able to hint at this with the Grand Final of the German Padel Tour in March. We are really looking forward to the BOSS German Padel Open."

After a press conference, the Düsseldorf We Are Padel Club offered a first foretaste in the sporting sense - at the prominent Padel Royal show competition.

Under the patronage of the Padel Angels, well-known names from the world of sport, among others, initially took up the racket to duel in the 20 x 10 metre "glass cages" that were open at the top.

Among others, Thomas Dolak (Head Coach, Düsseldorfer EG), Alex Barta (Co-Coach, Düsseldorfer EG), the two Hockey World Champions Lukas Windfeder and Moritz Ludwig, ex-beach volleyball pro Alexander Walkenhorst, Influencer Jannik Pehlivan (among others 670,000 followers at TikTok), the two ex-professional footballers Thomas Helmer and Matthias Scherz as well as four current Bundesliga footballers from Bayer 04 Leverkusen were present.

3 German padel pairs get wild cards at the Masters Tournament

To round off the day, the sporting action got down to business once again. In a Masters tournament, the best German padel professionals played for a total of three wild cards for participation in the main competition of the BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT, which will take place in Düsseldorf from 23 September to 1 October.
As winners of the Masters tournament, the following three padel duos secured a wild card:

- Women: Denise Höfer/Victoria Kurz
- Men 1: Johannes Lindmeyer/Matthias Wunner
- Men 2: Vincent Jülich/Daniel Lingen

The special thing about the wild cards: They mean that at the end of September in Düsseldorf, for the first time ever, German professionals will play in the main draw of a WPT tournament.


A total of eight male and six female padel pairs competed in the wild card tournament at the We Are Padel Club to secure the coveted spots to enter the main competition.

SIXT wants to make the padel community mobile

Tournament organiser WWP also scored a success.

SIXT is the official presenting partner of the BOSS German Padel Open.

The partnership was made official in the course of the Masters Tournament.

"Padel is an emerging trend sport that excites people. As a pioneer in the field of mobility, we want to use the charisma of our brand with the partnership in a tournament of world format and actively mobilise people in our home market for this new trend," says Vinzenz Pflanz, Chief Business Officer of SIXT.
SIXT is no newcomer to international padel sports. For example, the mobility company from Pullach in the Isar Valley is also the name giver of the Swedish SIXT Padel League as well as the main and name partner of the "SIXT Communidad de Madrid Master".

"The fact that a strong brand like SIXT is involved in padel as a partner is proof of the great appeal of this sport. Now we want to grow together and drive the development of padel in Germany as well," says Philipp Radel, CEO of the WWP Group.


About the BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT

The BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT brings together the best padel players in the world in Germany.

A total of 32 women's and 48 men's padel pairs will compete.

The event will start on 23 September at the We Are Padel Club and will continue for the final rounds from 27 September at CASTELLO.


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