Building padel courts in Germany in compliance with wind zones and DIN standards

The construction of padel courts in Germany requires careful planning and consideration of various standards, in particular the 4 wind zones and relevant DIN standards. These factors ensure the safety and longevity of the facilities.

Padel and DIN standards

Padel, a mixture of tennis and squash, is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. However, specific guidelines must be observed for the construction of padel courts. Compliance with DIN standards and consideration of wind zones are essential.


The four wind zones in Germany

Germany is divided into four wind zones, ranging from zone 1 (low wind load) to zone 4 (high wind load). The zoning is crucial for the planning and construction of padel courts, as it influences the stability and safety of the structures.

Padel wind zones Germany according to Dehn

Padel wind zones Germany according to Dehn

DIN standards for the construction of sports facilities & padel courts

The DIN standards define specific requirements for the construction and equipment of sports facilities. The standards for construction, material selection and safety aspects are particularly relevant for padel courts.

These standards guarantee the high quality and safety of the systems.


Planning and construction of a padel court

When planning and building padel courts, the specific requirements of the wind zones and DIN standards must be taken into account.

This includes the selection of suitable materials, the construction of wind-resistant structures and the implementation of safety measures.



The consideration of the four wind zones and compliance with DIN standards are decisive factors in the construction of padel courts in Germany. These standards ensure the safety, functionality and durability of the facilities and contribute to a positive playing experience.

It is therefore important to work with a reliable Padel court builder such as Padelcreations to work together.


Wind climate and wind loads

The wind climate is taken into account in standards such as Eurocode 1 (EN 1991-1-4) or DIN 1055-4, for example, in that it is visualised using a wind zone map. The map above (Dehn) shows the relevant wind speeds averaged over a certain period of time for different geographical areas.


Wind zones according to DIN EN1991-1-4
 Wind zone  Wind speed Speed pressure
1 22,5 0,32
2 25,0 0,39
3 27,5 0,47
4 30,0 0,56


The values given are based on an average calculation over a period of 10 minutes, with a probability of 0.02 that they will be exceeded within a year. These figures refer to a height of 10 metres above the ground in flat and open terrain. The wind speeds must be adjusted accordingly for locations of very tall buildings.

The reference value of the dynamic pressure \(q_{\text{ref}}\) results from the base wind speed \(v_{\text{ref}}\) at a height of 10 metres, assuming an air density of \(\rho = 1.25\,\mathrm{\frac{kg}{m^3}}\):

\[q_{\text{ref}} = \frac{\rho}{2} \cdot v_{\text{ref}}^2\]

This is in line with the formula for kinetic energy.

In the form of a size equation, where \(v_{\text{ref}}\) in metres per second (\(\mathrm{\frac{m}{s}}\)) and \(q_{\text{ref}}\) in kilonewtons per square metre (\(\mathrm{\frac{kN}{m^2}}\)) the formula is

\[q_{\text{ref}} = \frac{v_{\text{ref}}^2}{1600}\]


How do I determine the wind load in my location?

If that was too theoretical for you, you can also simply go to Dehn enter your postcode and see what wind load applies 🙂


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Building padel courts in Germany in compliance with wind zones and DIN standards

The construction of padel courts in Germany requires careful planning and consideration of various standards, in particular the 4 wind zones and relevant DIN standards. These factors ensure the...

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