Due to the ongoing standstill in the development of padel sports in Germany, a large group of neutral padel players, padel coaches, padel locations and padel supporters got together to finally cut the Gordian knot with a central meeting and help padel to break through in Germany.

In a letter to the two German padel associations German Padel Association and German Padel Federationwhich is available to Padel-Test in the original, the leaders of the two associations are requested to attend a meeting on 17 November 2018 in Karlsruhe (Padel court TC Grötzingen) to participate. A list of acceptances and cancellations can be found at the end of the text. This event is to be moderated by a mediator who will lead the talks between DPV and DPB.

Among other things, the following questions will be answered:

- What is the status of the negotiations for the 1 association solution?

- Why are members not allowed to run for office in the new federation?

- Why can't members elect their own leaders?

- Do the current leaders of both associations represent the interests of the German padel community or do they have other goals in mind?

- What does the sporting future look like with regard to the A team, ladies, seniors and youth?

- What is the nomination procedure for the national team?


These questions and those that will certainly arise during the panel discussion should be answered urgently.

The topics and the venue, which is still to be determined, are to be communicated promptly in the form of an agenda.

In the interest of the further development of the sport of padel in Germany, the signatories hereby ask all padel enthusiasts, padel maniacs and padel lovers to engage in dialogue!

SpVgg. Durlach-Aue
Padel-N Nuremberg
Padel Base Werne
Cologne walls
Schwaigern Tennis Club
Pfrimmpark Arena Worms
TC Niddapark
as well as a large group of other padel supporters who do not wish to be named 🙂


List of acceptances and cancellations of association officials for the meeting on 17.11.2018:



  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Jungels, President of the DPV
  • Jörg Messerschmidt, President of the DPB
  • Hubert Bullach, Vice-President of the DPB


  • Holger van Dahle, DPV (according to mail of 28.09. no interest in participating in this event)
  • Francisco Gonzalez Serrano, DPV (according to mail of 28.09. no interest in participating in this event)
  • Thomas Lönegren, DPB (unable to attend because he is conducting a padel coach training course in Essen on this day)


Note 1: in an earlier version, Mr Frank Hofen was named as mediator. Mr Hofen would also have liked to take on this role, but is already at the DTB members' meeting on the weekend of the event).

Note 2: the cancellation of Mr. van Dahle and Mr. Gonzalez, both DPB, has been sent to Padel-Test by e-mail.

Note 3: in an earlier version Frankfurt was given as the location. At the request of the DPV for a more "neutral" location, Karlsruhe was now selected.


Status: 07.10.2018 - 17:42 h

First publication date: 25.09.2018


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