The Hard Tennis Club is embarking on a new path with the construction of two Padel tennis courts once again breaking new ground. Padel tennis is an up-and-coming, action-packed sport that is experiencing enormous growth, especially in the Spanish-speaking parts of the world. Padel tennis combines various elements of squash and tennis.

Padel is a backstroke sport played in doubles on a tennis-like court (20 metres x 10 metres), separated by a net into two halves of the court and surrounded by glass and grid walls. It is played with a racket that has an elastic hitting surface but, in contrast to tennis, does not have to be strung. These rackets used to be made of wood and resembled a paddle, hence the name padel or paddle tennis. Nowadays, however, the rackets are made of more robust and lighter materials such as carbon or Kevlar. The balls are also similar to tennis, but have less pressure. The counting method is the best known from tennis.

Padel court at the unused hard court of the Harder Tennis Club
There are no other padel courts within 100 kilometres of Hard. The closest court is in Zurich, followed by Munich. In Austria, you can count the number of padel courts on two hands. So something really new is being created or dared here. It is being created on the old, unused hard court of the Harder tennis club, which is in need of renovation.

Padel is gradually becoming more popular in Central Europe as well. Originally from Mexico, padel is one of the most popular sports in Latin America and Spain. In football-mad Argentina, more than 6 million people play padel. This puts padel in second place, just behind football. In Spain, the sport is also in the top 5.

With the construction of these 2 courts, the offer of the Hard Tennis Club will be expanded by an additional attraction. The ground-breaking ceremony will take place in the next few days and the courts will then be officially inaugurated at the Season opening end of April/beginning of May 2017.

The Hard Tennis Club was founded in 1972, has about 340 members and operates 9 clay courts and two indoor courts and, as of 2017, two padel courts on its grounds on the Bregenzer Ach. This makes the club from Lake Constance the second largest of its kind in the beautiful Ländle region behind TC Dornbirn.

Source: Hard Tennis Club

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