Dunlop and BASF develop revolutionary Power-Flex technology for padel rackets

  • Power Flex technology contains Infinergy® from BASF
  • High performance padel racket offers more power, comfort and durability
  • Juani Mieres will play with the new Dunlop Blast model in 2016 - powered by Infinergy®.

Dunlop, internationally renowned racket sports brand and market leader in padel rackets in Spain, and BASF, the world's leading chemical company, have developed a new technology that represents a breakthrough in padel racket performance: Power Flex.

The new Power Flex technology is based on the application of a revolutionary material developed by BASF: Infinergy®. The world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) is used in the core of the padel racket. The unique elastic capabilities and exceptional resilience of Infinergy offer clear advantages for the playability and durability of the racket.

Infinergy is elastic like rubber but resiliently light. These properties deliver explosive power, greater comfort and more speed as the ball bounces off the racket faster.

At the same time, Infinergy is extremely durable and temperature resistant. The racket thus retains its optimal condition for longer and enables exceptional performance in all weather conditions - from minus 20ºC to over 40°C.

After almost two years of collaboration and development between the two companies and numerous tests by Dunlop team members made up of players and coaches, including current world champion Juani Mieres, the first Power Flex rackets are introduced as part of the 2016 padel collection.

"Power Flex technology represents a giant leap forward in padel racket performance and we at Dunlop are proud to be BASF's partner of choice for padel and to have jointly developed this revolutionary breakthrough," said Richard Jackson, Head of Marketing for Dunlop Padel.

"We are excited about the development of the Power Flex technology that our Infinergy® E-TPU uses. The partnership with Dunlop allows us to bring our know-how and expertise to a new application area and in collaboration with a market leader. ", says Andy Postlethwaite, Head of BASF's Performance Materials Asia Pacific business unit.

The star product from the new Dunlop padel collection for 2016 is the Dunlop Blast model, the new racket of choice for Juani Mieres in professional sports. It offers an oversized hybrid head shape with a large sweet spot and uses Aeroframe, an aerodynamic frame profile for faster response on defensive shots and higher swing speed on attacking shots. Vibro Pods with silicon sockets in the hitting area are inserted into the frame to absorb vibrations and provide more comfort. In the racket base, 100 % carbon with a carbon reinforcement provide more stability and better control.

Combined with the new Power Flex technology that offers more power, comfort and durability, the new Dunlop Blast is one of the outstanding padel racket models for the 2016 season.

About Dunlop
The Dunlop Slazenger Group has over 100 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of high-performance equipment for a wide range of sports. Internationally renowned as a manufacturer of sports racquets and balls, Dunlop stands out globally in tennis and squash, and is also a leader in fast-growing areas such as padel tennis. With more than 20 years of experience in the padel market, Dunlop is constantly pushing the boundaries of product performance with new geometric structures, technologies and materials to provide premium equipment to players of all levels.

About BASF's Performance Materials Division
BASF's Performance Materials division brings together all of BASF's materials expertise for innovative, tailor-made plastics under one roof. Active in four major industries - transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer goods - the division has a broad portfolio of products and services as well as a deep understanding of application-oriented system solutions. Key drivers of profitability and growth are our close collaboration with customers and a clear focus on solutions. Strong R&D capabilities form the basis for the development of innovative products and applications. In 2014, the global turnover of the Performance Materials division was € 6.5 billion.

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