At the weekend, Münster hosted the third paddle tournament of the German Padel Tour (GPT) of the year took place. There, first-class padel was offered in the categories Men 1 and Men 2, so that not only the players but also the spectators got their money's worth.

In the Men's 1 category, our neighbours from the Netherlands prevailed (once again). Peter Bruijsten and Berend Boers did not miss a single top German team on their way to winning the tournament, defeating Böhnke/Samuelsen (6:2, 6:4), Panske/Messerschmidt (6:2, 6:1) and in the final Nowicki/Lingen (7:5, 7:5).

It remains to be seen who will take part in the next GPT tournaments in Nuremberg (GPT Nuremberg) and Frankfurt (GPT Frankfurt) will use the chance for a sporting revenge... The first registrations have already been received - and those who have not yet registered can do so directly. here do.

By the way, a new game category is celebrating its premiere in Nuremberg:
Men 40+

But now back to the results of the Men's 1 category in Münster:


(1) Darek Nowicki (GER) - Daniel Lingen (GER) v Rafael Plasencia (ESP) - Dennis Degener (ARG) 6:0 6:0

(4) Johannes Lindmeyer (GER) - Yannik Mann (GER) v Mike Henning (GER) - Stefan Jaudschus (GER) 7:5 6:0

(3) Peter Bruijsten (NED) - Berend Boers (NED) v Christian Böhnke (GER)- Lennart Samuelsen (GER) 6:2 6:4

(2) Claudius Panske (GER) - Jonas Messerschmidt (GER) v Carlo Bückmann (GER) - Matthias Wahl (GER) 6:2 6:2



(1) Darek Nowicki (GER) - Daniel Lingen (GER) vs. (4) Johannes Lindmeyer (GER) - Yannik Mann (GER) 7:6 6:3

(3) Peter Bruijsten (NED) - Berend Boers (NED) vs. (2) Claudius Panske (GER) - Jonas Messerschmidt (GER) 6:2 6:1



(3) Peter Bruijsten (NED) - Berend Boers (NED) vs. (1) Darek Nowicki (GER) - Daniel Lingen (GER) 7:5 7:5


But also in the Men's 2 category, strong padel was once again shown - the category, which was played in group mode, had 5 winners in the end, whereby the mixed couple Andreas Kopkau and Jana Meier in Group 2 did not let themselves be impressed by the male competitors and took home the group victory!

In total, there were these 5 group winners:

  • A. Schade - N. Alonso
  • A. Kopkau - J. Meier
  • H. Olbrisch - K. Gerbig
  • M. Wahl - C. Bückmann
  • H. Meyer-Hübner - N. Bölling


Group 1

  1. A. Schade - N. Alonso
  2. M. Wahl - C. Bückmann
  3. S. Kohlmann - M. Maltritz

Group winner: A. Schade - N. Alonso

Group 2

  1. R. Plasencia - K. Gerbig
  2. A. Kopkau - J. Meier
  3. N. Hirsch - D. Berghaus

Group winner: A. Kopkau - J. Meier

Group 3

  1. M. Zebut - N. Grenningsloh
  2. M. Simnovec - B. Simnovec
  3. H. Olbrisch - K. Gerbig

Group winner: H. Olbrisch - K. Gerbig

Group 4

  1. G. Re - M. Witthüser
  2. H. Overmann - M. Vehring
  3. M. Wahl - C. Bückmann

Group winner: M. Wahl - C. Bückmann

Group 5

  1. T. Hirsch - M. Hohefeld
  2. H. Meyer-Hübner - N. Bölling
  3. J. Jötten - N. Abdviszadeh

Group winner: H. Meyer-Hübner - N. Bölling


The sponsors of the GPT 1.000 in Münster were Padelwerk (500,- Euro prize money), Padel test (500,- Euro prize money), Bidi Badu (Welcome package) and Head (ball sponsor).

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