The German Straube Cup will take place in April, May, June and September 2018. The games are played on the 4th Sunday of each month. The grand final will be held in December. The games are played for 3 hours according to the Swiss system.


  • 22.04.2018 at TVN Essen - Padel
  • 27.05.2018 at the Padelbase Werne
  • 22.06.2018 at TVN Essen - Padel
  • 25.11.2018 - Venue to be announced shortly
  • Final in December!

The winner will each receive a high-quality Yoorna padel racket. There are padel key rings for places 2 to 4.

The respective entry fees are all under 20,- Euro - so a lot of fun for little money is guaranteed!

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Straube Padel Cup

Straube Padel Cup

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