The first padel facility in Germany is currently being built in Berlin. Padel Indoor and Padel Outdoor can offer.

Padel Pioneer Alexander Hilbricht is currently in the final days of the construction phase for a padel hall, which is located right next to the two existing outdoor courts.

The hall will be opened in May and the first balls can fly over the net.

The special feature of this facility is the "theatre concept" - a kind of curtain can be pushed to the side on both sides of the head so that it can be played even in summer when temperatures are high, because good ventilation is guaranteed.

And the roof offers a special gadget:
The top part is almost transparent, so that a lot of natural light enters the hall.
I was able to convince myself of this on site yesterday - these are really very pleasant visibility conditions.

As with the two outdoor courts, the indoor floor is also blue. Alex remains true to his line!

This offers Padel Berlin is now the first facility to offer indoor and outdoor feeling - it is quite possible that this will develop into a trend and that other padel facilities will follow.

If you have information about new padel courts (under construction, extensions, conversions...), please send me a short message. Mail. Thank you, Yours, David

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