On 30.03.2019 from 13.00 hrs onwards, a special event will be held on the grounds of the Niddapark Tennis Centre, Am Ginnheimer Wäldchen 1, 60431 Frankfurt the general meeting of the German Padel Federation (DPB) will take place. Apart from the usual points of an AGM, the main aim of this AGM is to establish the DPB as a unified association of German padel sports and to involve as many padel enthusiasts as possible from all regions of Germany.

The entire board will be newly elected - so a real new beginning is possible. Everyone can and should get involved!

In addition to padel clubs (50,- Euro annual fee), individual padel players (30,- Euro annual fee) can also register now in time for the general meeting. Become a DPB member and help to develop padel in Germany. In the current year alone, 20 new members have signed up and new padel enthusiasts are joining every day!


The agenda of the DPB General Assembly is as follows:

13:00 1. welcome and establishment of the quorum
13:05 2nd Election of the Secretary of the Minutes
13:10 3. presentation of the minutes of the MA of 7 October2017
13:15 4th report on the DPV/DPB situation
13:45 5th DPB Realignment
14:15 6. future cooperation partners of the DPB
14:30 7th German Padel Tour 2019
15:00 8. cash report and budget proposal for 2019
15:15 9 Discharge of the Executive Board
15:20 10. Election of the auditors for the year 2019
15:25 11. Presentation and vote by the members for:

11.1 New Statutes of the DPB
11.2 New Contribution Rules


16:00 Break

16:15 12 Election of the election officer
16.20 13. Presentation of the candidates for the new DPB Executive Board
16:50 14 New election of the Executive Board
17:15 15 Miscellaneous
17:30 End of the event

Parking spaces are available in sufficient numbers directly in front of the club premises.


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