InstantSystemsInstantSystems is proud to announce the launch of its latest product in the automated point of sale range. It is InstantPadel, an intelligent, fully automated padel racket rental system based on the proven Instant Inventory Management System with integrated Lova Easy mobile payment solution.

The intelligent InstantPadel station has a capacity of 20 rackets for rental or sale and up to 24 ball bins for sale. The racks can be configured to offer additional consumables for sale, such as grip tapes, balls, caps, towels, sweatbands,...

Instant Padel Rackets Balls Grips

Instant Padel Rackets Balls Grips

Access to InstantPadel is done in very simple steps:

1) The customer unlocks InstantPadel by using a mobile app (integrated Lova Easy Payment), or a valid debit or credit card.
2) The customer chooses one or more rackets from the racks, perhaps decides to buy additional sales products such as balls, accessories, etc....
3) All products taken from the shelves are immediately assigned to a virtual shopping basket, which is visible on the screen.
4) When finished, the customer closes the gate and presses the confirmation button on the screen. This assigns the borrowed product to the customer and the consumables are booked against the bank card.
5) The return is done in the same simple way, the customer identifies the open rental cycle using the mobile app or the same bank card that was used for the rental.
6) After identification, the door is unlocked and the customer sees the list of borrowed products on the screen. The return of the racket to the correct shelf is indicated by LED lights. After the correct return, the list is automatically deleted from the screen.
7) The customer closes the door after the return and ends the rental cycle by pressing the confirmation button on the screen.
With the help of InstantPadel, the entire racket rental and sale of accessories and consumables can be automated in a convenient, intuitive, and customer-friendly way.

Modern padel centres already make use of high automation through online court reservation and automatically controlled access to the courts. InstantPadel is an intuitive next step to enhance a centre's customer service and productivity with a service that is available 24/7.

And should you also want to provide your customers with refreshments and snacks around the clock, you can do so easily and conveniently in the same way through our SmartCooler.

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