We were in Munich at the ISPO and met many passionate padel fans in the Padel Village. One of them, however, was particularly dedicated. Permanently to be found at or in the court, tirelessly with rackets in hand and explaining padel - Álvaro Alonso is his name and he is the president of the first padel club in Munich. We spent some time with the likeable Munich resident by choice on Saturday evening and he told us about his work in the Padel World Munich and talks about his visions for Munich as a sports city.

Padel-Test: Álvaro, you are the president of the first padel club in Munich. What exactly do you mean by the Padel Club Munich?
ÁlvaroPadel Club München is the first padel club in Munich and Bavaria. The club aims to promote the sport of padel in Munich and the surrounding area. Among other things, we organise taster courses for beginners, padel tournaments for all padel enthusiasts and an internal padel ranking for our members. Padel Club Munich should be seen as a structure that anyone interested in padel and padel players can turn to for information about the sport or to participate in our padel activities. 

Padel test: How do you rate Munich as a location for the development of padel in Germany?
Álvaro: Munich, like other big cities in Germany, will be a reference point in the development of padel in Germany in the coming years. In 2015, we will do everything we can to establish the basis of padel so that more padel courts are built and padel clubs are founded in the future.

With its many different clubs in the various sports, Munich shows how sports-mad and diverse its inhabitants are, so there is great potential for the new trend sport "padel" and for new padel players. The Padel Club Munich has been active since April 2014 and in less than a year they have had almost 50 members join the club. We are proud of our members and the acceptance of padel in Munich and look forward to the next 50 members.

Padel test: To what extent was the Padel Village able to support you at ISPO? 
ÁlvaroISPO Padel Village is a huge showcase for the sport of Padel in general and has helped to increase the awareness of Padel in Germany. Since a large part of the ISPO visitors come from Munich and the surrounding area, and Padel Club München is still the only padel club in Munich, ISPO Padel Village has helped to get people interested in padel to contact us and to be the point of contact in the Bavarian capital.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Álvaro and Munich for more padel courts!

The interview was conducted by Ralf Stoffers, Editor Padel-Test.de

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