The padel duo Daniel Lingen and Claudius Panske was able to win the GPT-1,000 tournament of the German Padel Tour (organiser: German Padel Federation) win. However, the road there was anything but easy!

Because: probably the strongest field of participants of the year met in Essen for a showdown.

Among the many participants were: 

  • Peter Bruijsten (Dutch Top 10 player, World Padel Tour player)
  • Christian Böhnke (German Top 10 player)
  • Franz Enz (Junior World Champion from Argentina)
  • Darek Nowicki (German Top 10 player, World Padel Tour player)
  • Jens Knippschild (former Davis Cup player, German Top 10 player)
  • Philip Karwasz (German Top 10 player)
  • Claudius Panske (German Top 10 player, World Padel Tour player)
  • Daniel Lingen (German Top 10 player)
  • Nacho Alonso (Argentinian padel coach)
  • Mischa Nowicki (German Top 10 player)
  • Johannes Lindmeyer (German Top 10 Player)
  • Berend Boers (Dutch Top 10 player)

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After two clear first matches, which Lingen/Panske won 6:0/6:0, the surprise team of this paddle tournament was waiting in the semi-finals: Mischa Nowicki and Johannes Lindmeyer. The young paddle team had defeated the co-favourites Peter Bruijsten and Berend Boers with 6:1 and 6:3 in front of an astonished audience. Hardly anyone had expected that!

Perhaps that is why they lacked the last strength and concentration to win against the eventual winners. So Lingen/Panske won the semi-final 7:6 and 6:3.

On the other side of the table, Karwasz/Böhnke won all their matches in 2 sets each.

In the final, both teams had to push themselves to the limit once again.
After Karwasz/Böhnke won the first set clearly 6:3, it got really tight in sets 2 and 3.
Both sets were decided in a tie-break - and both times with the better end for Lingen/Panske, so that in the end they were able to win the tournament with a beaming smile.

All in all, an incredibly exciting and high-quality padel tournament!
This was preceded on Friday and Saturday by a high-quality DPB training camp ahead (led by Jani Gisbert, DPB Sporting Advisor, and Guga Vasquez, No. 40 in the Padel World Ranking, who observed the players).
The aim was to screen the squad players for further DPB training camps and individual potential analyses.

In a one-on-one conversation with Padel-Test, Jani Gisbert let it slip that he sees considerable potential in several German players and that he can well imagine bringing the performance level of German padel up a few levels. He even believes that some of them will be able to play on the World Padel Tour more often in the next few years. Assuming intensive training and professional preparation, of course 🙂

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