German Padel Federation:

Date: 30.03.2019
Place: Clubhouse of the T.C. Niddapark
Participants: 37 out of 99 DPB members, 31 of whom were entitled to vote.


1. welcome and establishment of the quorum

Mr. Jörg Messerschmid, in his function as President of the German Padel
Federal Government warmly welcomes the members and, on the basis of the number of members present
members established that there was a quorum and that the invitation was in order.


2. election of the keeper of the minutes

The Assembly elected Mr Diego Sanchez as Secretary.


3. presentation of the minutes of the MA of 07.10.2017

The minutes of the AGM of 07.10.2017 were approved by the meeting.


4 Report on the DPV/DPB situation

Messerschmidt and Jungels presented the current status to those present.
presented comprehensively. Both gentlemen assured the assembly that the endeavour would be
would continue to be the 1-association solution.


5 What is the need for an association?

Hubert Bullach explained to the present members the necessity of a National
association for a young and emerging sport like padel. A comparison with countries
such as Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands was presented and compared with the
Assembly discussed.

In this context, the lack of structures, some of which do not exist, was highlighted.
that only a functioning national federation can offer. Also spoken
Mr Bullach mentioned the following topics, which are necessary in order to be able to
to be prepared:

  • Acquiring sponsors to cover the costs and the promotion of
    Players and the national teams including their coaching staff
  • Foundation of regional associations
  • Membership in the DOSB
  • GPT series in professional hands / management
  • Continue to maintain existing contact with the F.l.P. in relation to the international
  • Recognition of the DFB


5.1 Realignment of the DPB

Mr. Thomas Lönnegren presented the following with the help of a Power Point presentation
DPB's new orientation.

-> Note from the editors: the Power Point presentation will be added here shortly.


6. future cooperation partners of the DPB

The company Fit-Line introduces itself to those present as a new partner of the DPB.


7th German Padel Tour 2019

Mr Derek Nowicki happily informed the assembly. that the GPT series is growing. With 23
tournaments in 2019 will reach a record number. Some locations had to be closed due to non
sufficient capacities and dates unfortunately had to be cancelled. Currently the number is growing
of players faster than the number of seats.

The tournament at walls in Cologne set a new record with 82 teams.


8. cash report and budget proposal for 2019

Hubert Bullach informed the assembly that 0355 all DPB tax returns for the
years 2012 - 2017 were concluded in coordination with the responsible tax office.
The result for 2018 was a + of 33€. Mr Jörg Vogel in his capacity as
The auditor certified that the responsible persons had kept impeccable accounts. The
Recognition of non-profit status is secured for the next few years. Mr Hubert Bullach
was discharged as treasurer with 4 abstentions.


9 Discharge of the Executive Board

The Board was unanimously discharged.


10. election of the auditors for the year 2019

Mr. Bastian Grieger from Essen and Mr. Klaus Rotter from Hamburg were appointed for the 2019 cash audit.
from Nuremberg was unanimously elected by the assembly.


11. presentation and vote by the members for the following items:

11.1 New statutes of the DPB
11.2 New contribution rules

The new statutes were presented to the assembly and explained in detail. The transfer
of the headquarters was discussed. The current location in Duisburg will be retained. It
it was decided that the voting right of the associations per 5 members 1 vote. however
is a maximum of 10 votes.

The new statutes were adopted as a whole with 1 abstention.

Finally, the meeting unanimously approved the new scale of fees.

. Adults: 30 € pa.
. Youths and students: 15 € pa.
. Clubs & Associate Members: € 100 p.a.


12 Election of the election officer

Bastian Grieger was unanimously elected by the assembly as election leader.


13 Presentation of the candidates for the new DPB Executive Board

The candidates present introduced themselves individually at the request of the assembly.


14 New election of the Executive Board

Finally, the election was held by individual vote:

Election as President : Dirk Jungels, with 3 abstentions

Election as Vice-President: Frank Hufen, unanimously

Election as Vice-President: Thomas Lönnegren. with 3 abstentions

Election as Vice-President: Hubert Bullach' with 2 abstentions

Election as Vice-President: Diego Sanchez, with 2 abstentions

Election as Vice-President: Jörg Vogel, with 3 abstentions

Election as Vice-President: Harry Payrleitner (in absentia) with 3 abstentions

All elected persons accepted the election. for Mr Payrleitner declared that the
Hubert Bullach, authorised to do so.

The newly elected President, Prof. Dr. Dirk Jungels, closed the meeting at 17:45.
Annual General Meeting and thanked those present for attending.


Schwartau, 12.04.2019


gez. Jörg Messerschmidt - signed. Prof. Dr. Jungels - signed. Diego Sanchez
(1st Chairman) (President) (Secretary)

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