It's nice to be spoilt for choice! Next weekend, two tournaments are scheduled at the same time:

On the one hand the Playdays at the Walls padel facility in Cologne for rookies, amateurs and pros. Anyone who has already been there knows that there are padel matches with equally strong opponents and a great community, so that you can also have a lot of fun during the breaks.

On the other hand a GPS 100 at the Padel Club International facility in Berlin. There will certainly be a lot of music here parallel to the padel games. And if the good weather that has been forecast holds out, we will of course be happy to have a beer here - but only after the matches, please 😉 .

On the following weekend (15 and 16 July), there will be a GPS 1000 in Cuxhaven on the programme. There are a lot of GPS points at stake! And those who are successful can even win cash prizes and valuable material prizes from HEAD to take home with them.

Since the tournaments are geographically well distributed in Germany, there should be something for everyone. Only for our padel tennis cracks from the south the journey is a bit longer this time, but the next tournaments in Munich and Baden-Baden are coming right after that... More about that soon!

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