offers padel players an interesting padel event in February, where you can improve your level in one of the best padel schools in Spain, play an exciting tournament and enjoy a great social programme.

Info from Padel Camp:
You want:
- Improve your level in padel
- Build your fitness and technique
- Play with the best padel coaches and receive valuable coaching
- Spend an active holiday under the Spanish sun
- Enjoying the sea and good food

We offer:
+Direct flight Berlin - Valencia
+From 11 - 16 February 2016
+Intensive training with two hours each in the morning and one and a half hours of match training in the afternoon.
+Focal points: Technique training, basic strokes, bandeja, serve and volley, tactics training, attack/defence, praise, match practice and game forms.
+English/German speaking trainers
+Additional daily fitness training directly by the sea
+Great evening tournament with match coaching
+Padel Gala Evening with BBQ and subsequent Players Party
+hotel accommodation (4 star category) with half board

-The facilities are FIP and World Padel Tour certified and host national and international tournaments.
-Significant improvement of the player's level through an individual training plan set up by the professional team of Padel Camp.
-The Academy's main objective is to achieve the best possible results for each individual at each level of player.
-Work with the player and advise on various aspects such as individual stroke technique, movement on the court, tactical play and physical preparation.
-Application of an individual training plan adapted to each player: beginner, intermediate and advanced players.
-Experts of Padel Camp work with each player:Individual techniques to improve each game stroke, movement and footwork on the court.
-Test level: Each group is given a test level at the beginning of the programme. Trainers divide the working groups.

More information is available here or here on Facebook

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