Padel is growing extremely strongly worldwide - only in Germany is everyone still waiting for the big boom.

But what is not, can still be.

A look to the south, more precisely to Italy, is encouraging.

In 2013, Italy was still a padel diaspora.

Few places, all scattered, no community.

But then it started slowly. Where? In the eternal city, of course!
Court after court was built in and around Rome.

And while in the beginning there were still many small facilities with 2-4 places, the investors became bolder over time. In the meantime they are building (e.g. with Serena Padel) grandiose facilities that certainly don't have to hide from those in Spain and Argentina.

A special gem here is Bola Padel - 8 Panorama Padel outdoor courts, fitness centre, yoga, cafe, bar and restaurant.

Bola Padel Club Rome

Bola Padel Club Rome

In the meantime, you can hardly count the number of padel courts in Rome, but it is said that well over 100 new padel courts have been added in Rome alone in the last 5 years.

After the Cita Eterna, the padel virus jumped straight to its eternal competitor, Milan in Lombardy. Recently, most courts have been built here and in the surrounding area.

But other regions such as Tuscany, Veneto, Piedmont (with the also very strong location of Turin), Emiglia Romana and Sicily as well as many holiday resorts such as Rimini, Sanremo, Imperia and Merano are not lagging behind and are diligently investing in the padel infrastructure.

All in all, Italy has now installed over 700 padel courts - and in 2013 there were only 50 padel courts! That's over 100 new (!) padel courts per year!


Maybe the German Rome is Karlsruhewhere the most active padel scene is currently to be found and most padel courts are being built.

But we at would also be happy about any other location that courageously invests in new padel courts and finally ensures the long overdue boom in Germany!



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