The German padel outdoor season has got off to a successful start. The balls are flying everywhere - still just for fun, but the first competitions are already just around the corner. Whether International Padel Experience in Berlin, Season opening in Munich, opening of the new Padel courts in Wallau (between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden - see Padel card), the GPS-FIP Tournament at the Berlin Padel Club International or the Opening tournament of the padel facility TC Hard - The sport of padel is moving forward in the German-speaking world!

And at the German Padel Association, the DPVThere were also new elections shortly before Easter.

Here Michael Plehm was elected as 1st Chairman and Fran Gonzales as 2nd Chairman - by the way, both without any dissenting votes! We congratulate both of them and wish them much success in the further development of the German padel landscape.

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Current padel tournaments:

22.04.2017 - 23.04.2017 (2 days)Padel Club Munich - Season Opening Tournament 2017Munich
22.04.2017 - 23.04.2017 (2 days)Padel Berlin - International Padel ExperienceBerlin
05.05.2017 - 07.05.2017 (3 days)Walls Playdays in CologneCologne
06.05.2017 - 07.05.2017 (2 days)Padel Club Berlin - German Padel Series Tournament - GPS 1200 & FIP 100Berlin
06.05.2017 (1 day)TC Hard - Opening tournament with top players (Krenn, Andrini...)Hard on Lake Constance
21.05.2017 (1 day)Play Exchange - padelBox by wallsCologne
01.06.2017 - 30.06.2017 (30 days)Cologne LeagueCologne
17.06.2017 - 18.06.2017 (2 days)Padel Hamburg - Tournament of the German Padel Series - GPS1000Hamburg
01.07.2017 - 02.07.2017 (2 days)Padel Köln Uni - Tournament of the German Padel Series GPS1000Cologne

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