Padel for kids: As part of the Weyher Ferienkiste, five 9 and 10 year olds yesterday (27.6.2017) and eight 11 year olds today (28.6.2017) took part in the Padelcamp at the Padel facility Bremen-Weyhe which consisted of 2 hours of ball drills and 2 hours of game forms.

The children only had to pay 2 euros to the municipality's sports promotion fund.
Coaches, food and drinks were provided by the TC 71 Weyhe posed.

The aim was to get the children interested in the sport of padel, to offer training groups based on this and to start the junior development work.

And as you can clearly see from the photos, it was a great success. The children had great fun and you will probably find some of them playing padel tennis more often now.

This should also apply to other German Padel locations be a positive signal: bring children and young people into contact with padel. Only with strong youth work can we build a foundation for Padel in Germany!

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