Summer is coming and everyone wants to get out and play padel! That's right, because the offer for padel players in Germany is getting better and better!

New padel events are coming up almost daily for the German padel community.

And so that you don't lose the overview, here is a small overview of what is going on at the moment.


Stuttgart - now it's really starting:

Padel in Stuttgart from 3 July


The Open letter to the DPV continues to make waves and has now also reached the international padel community, including the FIP and national padel associations:


And there are a lot of padel events coming up:

29 - 30 June: Würzburg 1st Padelarena Open - German Padel Tour

04 July 2019: Karlsruhe KETV: Padel for All!

05 July 2019: Cologne: Freaky Friday padel fun at Walls

07 July 2019: Essen: Padel Essen 250 - Gold Tournament

07 July 2019: Starvie padel racket test event in Nuremberg

08 July 2019: Karlsruhe: After Work Padel at TC Grötzingen

11 July 2019: Karlsruhe KETV: Padel for All!

12 July 2019: Geretsried (Munich) - GPT 1.000 - German Padel Tour

12 - 13 July: Werne: Padel City Championship 2019

13 - 14 July 2019: Cologne Uni Sport: Ladies Padel Tournament


And this could be very interesting for padel clubs and padel associations:

InstantPadel: automated rental for rackets, balls and grip tapes


And new padel locations are being created again. The current map is available here:

Padel courts Germany


So it seems that the padel boom has finally reached Germany!

In any case, we will stay on the ball and report further ...

Your Padel Test Team

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