On Sunday (11.03.2018) the padel courts of the Padel Base Werne another padel trainer course of the DPB (German Padel Federation) took place under the direction of Thomas Lönegren. A total of 5 participants took part in the Padel Trainer Seminar 1.0, i.e. the introductory seminar for aspiring padel trainers, led by DPB instructor Thomas Lönegren.

It is particularly positive that Finn Schnidelbauer, Dennis Lünemann and Nicolas Hirsch, three very young players, took part. It was also pleasing that Nicole Westendarp, a female participant, also took part.

Padel Trainer Course Werne

Padel Trainer Seminar 1.0 at the Padel Base Werne

Young athletes as well as women are unfortunately still underrepresented in German padel sports compared to other countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal etc. This should change significantly in the near future so that padel continues to grow. This should change significantly in the near future so that padel continues to grow. In this respect, this Sunday was another small but important step to show that padel is a great and varied sport for everyone who wants to move and play ball!

The fifth member of the group was Eike Boll, lecturer for rewind games/racket sports/racket sports at the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Münster, (now almost 60,000 students!) who wants to bring padel into the hearts of the students there and firmly anchor padel in the sports programme at the University of Münster - which is why he has already presented padel in seminars and held his own "on court" seminar units.

In doing so, he tries to find commonalities/connections between different racket sports in order to enable transfer learning. From April onwards, padel will be part of the sports calendar at Münster University!


  • Nicole Westendarp (TVN Padel Essen) - works as a tennis and padel coach. Nicole has already gained a lot of experience with children and young people in tennis and now wants to continue this in padel.
  • Nicolas Hirsch (Padel Base Werne) - one of the up-and-coming young players from Werne and can be found almost daily at the Padel Base Werne
  • Eike Boll (Padel Munster Rummenigge) - Uni Münster
  • Finn Schindelbauer (Padel Base Werne) - 18 years, high playing potential, from Werne
  • Dennis Lünemann (Padel Base Werne) - also 18 years young, high playing potential and of course also from Werne

We are already looking forward to the next Padel Trainer Seminar!


Note from the editor:

The cost of a Padel Trainer Seminar is 199,- Euro per participant.
The next dates will be published shortly on this page at Padel events and on the Website of the German Padel Federation announced.

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