Spanish/German Padel Duo Maxim Grachev and Claudius Panske at the World Padel Tour Andorra

Almost 3 years ago, Claudius Panske and Maxim Grachev started their padel journey together in Herne. Now the two even made their way to the World Padel Tour in Andorra to compete with professional padel players from all over the world. Equipped with a wild card, they started the so-called "Pre-Previa" on 24.9, where they had to deal with a strong team: The Portuguese Vasco Pascoal (No. 91 WPT Ranking) and the Spaniard Javier Rico Dasi (No. 81 WPT Ranking).

Due to the entry of two teams from Andorra, there was already a great atmosphere and a "full house" on the centre court on the first day. And so Claudius and Maxim were astonished when they, of all people, were scheduled to play on centre court after the Andorran first-round thriller. After some initial nervousness and time to adjust to the freshly built court, the two quickly had to accept a 2:6 in the first set.

The second set was much more balanced, they held their serve until 3:4 and even had a few chances to break. But then their opponents managed the decisive break and the final score was 2:6 3:6 after a great fight.

Considering the fact that their opponents won 2 more matches after that and advanced to the "Previa", certainly a good final result.

All in all, the World Padel Tour is a valuable experience for top German players, as an extremely high level is played here right from the first round. The opportunities around the event to train with good players and exchange experiences are of particular value. The extremely professional organisation of the World Padel Tour ensures a pleasant, crackling atmosphere before and during the matches.

In addition, in Andorra they could also enjoy a wonderful view over the mountain landscapes of the Pyrenees and so Maxim and Claudius' trip was a beautiful experience.

We hope that more German players will join the World Padel Tour soon!

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