On Saturday, the Padel court of the TVN Essen a GPS 500 tournament took place. With bad weather outside and a great atmosphere inside, padel was played all day. A total of 9 teams had registered, which were divided into 3 groups of three in the preliminary round. The best placed teams then played for 1st to 3rd place in a group, the runners-up fought for 4th to 6th place and the third-placed teams battled for 7th to 9th place.

In the first group phase, the favourites prevailed in each case, so that the teams Justus Herbert & Lars Bosselmann, David Steinebach & Andre Mordhorst and Caroline Langerbein & Claudius Panske faced each other in the final group. In the end, the mixed team won the title with a 10:8 victory in the third set in a tiebreak against the two men's pairs thanks to a strong performance by Caro and a powerful game by Claudius. Second place went to David & Andre, who won 7:5, 6:4 against Justus & Lars.

But also in the other two groups there were gripping matches and exciting rallies.

In the end, the placings were as follows:
4. Georgina & Lukas
5 Mario & Mathias
6 Kieron & Mimoun
7 David & Ángel
8 Jan & David
9 Bartho & Eike

The first-place winners received trophies and medals as well as cash prizes, places 4-9 received non-cash prizes from Padel Dunlop.
The game was played with the balls from HEAD Padel.

Photos from the award ceremony and the final in the gallery!

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