Last weekend (16 to 18 February), the first training camp of the German Padel Federation in 2018 took place at the Padelbase Werne. As in 2017, this exclusive padel session was led by Jani Gisbert, Alberto Melgar and Thomas Lönegren.

Participants in the DPB selection course included:
Christian Böhnke
Lennart Samuelsen
Claudius Panske
Daniel Lingen
Jens Knippschild
Mischa Nowicki
Darek Nowicki
Jonas Messerschmidt
Maximilian Sood
Benjamin Strunk
Harry Payrleitner
Jana Meier
Nicola Nothoff

This was represented by a large part of the best German padel players.

Parallel to the training, a meeting of the DPB also took place. The team was enlarged by several people (a corresponding announcement will be made soon).

And on site there was (as always!) plenty of support from the operators of the Padelbase WerneSimone and Thorsten Hirsch, who provided great catering (including the best goulash soup far and wide!) for players, coaches and spectators with food and drinks. In Werne, you can not only play great padel, but also feel really good.

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