The Padel Club Berlin International begins preparations this week for the installation of the third padel court at the sports facility in Berlin Johannisthal.

The aluminium padel court of the Brako Padel Company is to be built slightly offset next to the existing courts 1 and 2. According to club manager Tim Kölling, the ground work has already started this week. And since there is supposed to be a fixed delivery date for the sports equipment, it can be assumed that padel fans will be able to play in the new aluminium padel cage as early as the end of April.

With the additional pitch, the Padel Club Berlin will be able to offer even bigger international padel tournaments to be held on site to promote sport in Germany. First, however, there will be an opening ceremony to which all members and padel enthusiasts are cordially invited. Further Details are to follow shortly. will also report on the development on site.

In the picture on the right, a new aluminium padel court will soon be built!

The padel locations at a glance

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