The Padel Club Berlin was not in hibernation, it was just resting a bit. In the background, preparations were underway for a new season with a lot of action on the padel courts and lots of matches in the padel league. This had its premiere in 2014, from which a lot of experience and innovations could be drawn for the 2015 season. All the important facts about the 2015 padel league here at a glance:


  • Ladies, Men A, Men B, Mixed

Match Dates 2015*

  • all day on 11.04., 18.04., 9.05., 23.05., 06.06., 20.06., 04.07., 25.07., 08.08. and 15.08. (final)
  • Dates and court bookings are entered in the court calendar


  • 35,-€ - Participation in one category
  • 20,-€ - each additional category
  • Members of the Padel Club always pay only 20,-€ per category

Non-binding registrations for participation in the padel league are possible at any time, binding registrations are also possible during the season.

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*Dates subject to change

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