Suddenly everything happened very quickly - the rumour that di Santo wanted to move to FC Schalke 04 quickly became certainty this morning. It is clear that many football fans now think that he is going to the Blue and Whites because of the money.

But the reasons for the change lie elsewhere. 
Already in an interview with the renowned Bremen district newspaper in the winter of 2013, he hinted at his dissatisfaction:
County newspaper: "Have you already found someone for your great hobby, padel, which is similar to tennis?"
Di Santo: "No, unfortunately there are no padel courts here. And I haven't found any outside Bremen yet."

So it stands to reason that he should look for a new club that has modern padel courts in its vicinity. And here the Schalkers can score twice:
The Padel Point Herne  is only 20 minutes away from the Veltins Arena.
Also only 20 minutes away by car is the complex of the TVN Padel Essen.

FC Schalke 04 can only be congratulated on their transfer coup!

Conclusion for Werder officials: 
If you want to keep South American or South European players in the future, build Padel courts! 😉

And what is padel actually? 
Padel is a backstroke game played in a 20×10 metre cage with glass walls. The rackets are made of carbon, quite light (about 370g) and about 45cm long and 24cm wide in size). The game of padel is reminiscent of a mixture of squash and tennis, but is much easier to learn and incredibly fun! It is always played in doubles and even beginners can play matches right away. By the way, it's counted just like tennis!

-> Here is an overview of the German Padel locations.

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