Wilson launches the AccentTM padel racket collection - specifically designed for effortless hitting power

Wilson: Wilson Sporting Goods Co, the leading brand in racket sports, has launched a new range of padel rackets, the Accent.

It is aimed at players who are looking for comfort and easy access to more power.

The Accent is an ideal solution for players with arm problems of any kind, as it makes the game more comfortable and allows them to continue playing without pain.


"We are excited to continue expanding our range of padel racquets. The Accent offers an unparalleled blend of hitting power and comfort, giving recreational players a more error-tolerant padel experience so they can enjoy the sport even more," said Iñaki Cabrera, Global Business Director Wilson Padel.


Even without a powerful backswing, Accent players will feel the ball bounce off the clubface.

At the net, they experience a quick rebound of the ball on volleys.

The unique "convex" design to increase the size of the clubface enables recreational players to enjoy the game without restriction.

This is due to the more fault-tolerant sweet spot as well as a hole pattern for fewer hard ball contacts and more fault tolerance for balls that are not hit optimally.

The Wilson Accent collection includes two models: the Accent for the perfect combination of power and comfort and the Accent LT.

The latter, thanks to its lighter weight, is a great option for players prone to joint problems.

The Accent and Accent LT models retail at €195 and €260 respectively:

Or order directly here!

Wilson Accent LT

Wilson Accent


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