New venues, new format and new teams at the World Padel Tour guarantee a hot Pro Tour season in 2015.

With the opening tournament on The third season of the padel professionals, once called the "Padel Pro Tour", will begin in Barcelona on 22 March. In addition to old familiar tournament venues, new locations will be in store for the world's best padel players in 2015, including Dubai, Monte Carlo and Lisbon.

The official press conference of the WPT took place at the Crystal Tower in Madrid. The event was chaired by Javier Porras, General Director of the Tour, with Federico Segarra, Director of Communications and External Relations from main sponsor Estrella Damm, and players Juan Martin Diaz, Paquito Navarro, José María Sánchez Alayeto, Pilar Sánchez Alayeto and Marta Ortega.

In doing so, Porras highlighted the three most important changes in the new season: changes in the competition format, the new international venue and the many changes in the team constellations to make the competition even more exciting for spectators and fans.

Porras said: "This is the beginning of a season that for several reasons in the history of sport will enter. Firstly, the change in the competition format, with two new tournament categories, the "Masters" and the "Challenger". Secondly, especially the new venues in Dubai and Monte Carlo and thirdly, after 13 years of dominance, Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguin will go their separate ways on the padel court and compete against each other from now on."

Padel-Test will report regularly on the tournaments and promotions of the WPT. 


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