Padel courts

There are now over 100 padel courts in Germany and almost another 100 in Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. So slowly, padel is also gaining momentum in the German-speaking area.

On the map you will find all current padel tennis courts (orange) and all planned padel tennis courts (blue).


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If you want to find out more about the individual padel locations (e.g. indoor courts, outdoor courts, court rental,. Opening hours, padel training etc.), you can search here:


Regional padel overviews in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Build more padel courts!

Are you building a new padel court? Or do you want to build a padel court? We know the Padel court constructors and contact persons who can help you with the planning and also the padel player activation.

Whether you are a club, association or commercial provider - we will be happy to help you!


Build more padel courts

Build more padel courts

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