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There are already two padel facilities in Hamburg - Tim Neidhart, together with his wife Bernadett, successfully operates two outdoor padel courts here at SC Condor in Farmsen called Padel Condor and fills them with life with a wide variety of events.

Whether top-class Padel tournament or padel tennis holiday camp for children or professional padel training with the padelcracks from from Andalusia.

And in the meantime, the Hamburger Sport Verein also has its own padel court (the HSV Fußball AG padel facility is a non-public facility!) see also Padel court HSV.

A third Padel location in Hamburg is currently being planned (see also Padel courts Germany). Info will follow shortly.

Conclusion: there is a lot going on in Hamburg in terms of paddling!

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

Padel News Hamburg

4 new Padel locations on

The Padel triumph in Germany continues and so we have added 4 new Padel locations to this week - three from Padelon in Hamburg (2x) and Karlsruhe as well as Jay P Padel in Coburg. Padelon Padel facilities Padelon operates several padel locations - here are the first three (more to follow): Padel Hamburg Rahlstedt...

Condor Padel Hamburg: Padel summer 2018 for young people

Condor Padel Hamburg: Good news for those interested in padel around Hamburg: SC Condor is offering numerous opportunities for young people for the coming padel season starting in April. Youth padel training: From April - October 2018, SC Condor will once again be offering youth training. The youth training is aimed at padel players aged between 9 and 16 years....

Condor Padel: Youth Training & Games Meeting

Youth Playgroup - From 7 September every Thursday 17:00 - 18:00 with Biggi! The youth playgroup is a smooth transition from training to free play. Participants of the 4pm training group automatically take part until 5:30pm, but are also welcome to stay until the end at 6pm, as long as there is enough space. Cost per session: free for Padel members and participants of the 4pm training group, € 5 for non-members (including rackets). Participation in the play meeting will be ...

Basic padel course in Hamburg - practice and tactics

Padel is fun. You quickly get started, play nice rallies and play match after match until late in the evening. That's great! But behind the sport there is also an undreamt-of technical and tactical depth, which is not easily accessible even to very skilled players through mere match play. At the latest, anyone who has enjoyed a training session with padel pros like...

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