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The Padel Federation of Great Britain, since 2013 better known as "British Padel", has been in existence since 1992 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of padel in the UK.

The aim is to develop and promote padel throughout the UK at all levels. British Padel is also a recognised member of the International Padel Federation FIP and is therefore authorised to train and certify coaches, set minimum standards for tournaments and players and support the padel locations.

In addition, the team around President Peter Vann has been doing great work in the sporting field for many years. With participations in the Padel World and European Championships, their own British Padel Tour and a former WPT-Pro as a national coach, the association is in an excellent position.

And since May 2019, there is a strategic alliance with the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) - the English tennis association! This should give an additional huge boost to paddle sports in the UK!

Padel Association Great Britain - British Padel


  • FIP Membership
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  • Non-profit
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  • Address:British Padel 9 Park Hill, Plough Studios (unit 4)
  • City:London
  • Land:Great Britain (UK)

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