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Padel-Test provides information about the trend sport of padel or padel tennis and offers information on opening times, training and booking options for all padel locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (see also Map Padel courts). On Padel-Test.de you will also find the latest Padel tournaments.

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Padel Tennis Quickstart:
Here we have put together everything you need to know about padel!

What is padel?

Actually, padel, pádel or padel tennis is quite easy to describe: Padel is basically a mixture of tennis and squash. Originally, padel comes from Mexico and is ...

What is the difference between tennis and padel?

Padel is played on a much smaller field (10x20m). A normal tennis court with a run-off zone can fit about 2-3 padel courts. Padel rackets are ...

Where can you play padel?

There are now over 100 padel courts in Germany and almost another 100 in Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. On this map you will find all the current padel tennis courts ...

What are the padel rules?

The rules of padel are actually simple. However, the crux lies in the details. That's why we have compiled an overview of the most important padel rules ...

How do I find the right padel racket?

When looking for the right padel racket, it depends on what type of player you are and what level of play you have. Simple padel rackets are already available from ...

How big is a padel ball?

Padel balls are the same size as tennis balls. However, the air pressure of padel balls is slightly lower. The diameter of a padel ball should be ...

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