Padel court costs - this is how expensive/cheap a padel court is!

How expensive is a padel court?

We hear this question again and again - but unfortunately it cannot be answered so simply.


  • Is it about building an outdoor padel court?
  • Or the conversion of a tennis hall into a padel hall?
  • Is there already a proper foundation?
  • What are the differences between the individual padel court manufacturers?
  • ...

But of course we can already give a few answers and a simple rough calculation!

One thing in advance:
With the construction of padel courts, tennis clubs can not only maintain their membership figures, but bring them back up again.

And of course the turnover will then go up again!


Why? And how big is a padel court?

Because 2-3 padel courts (each 10x20m - that's the size of a padel court without a run-out zone) can be built on an outdoor tennis court.

So there is a much better use of space.


And while on a tennis court usually only singles (i.e. 2 players) are played, in padel there are always only doubles; so there are always 4 players on the padel court (see also Padel rules).

So when 2-3 padel courts are fully occupied, 8-12 padel players play on the surface of a tennis court at the same time.

Even though the fees for padel are usually lower than for tennis - with such a high use of space, you can naturally generate more revenue per sqm.


But there is another factor:

More players = more conviviality.

Padel is a very social sport. People like to sit together after the match and have a beer or two. So the gastronomy also gets its money's worth.

Against this background, i.e. the increase in income, the investments in the construction of padel courts can also be better classified.


How much does a padel court cost?

An indoor padel court without foundation work costs about 15,000 to 25,000 euros, depending on the padel court builder. Panorama courts can be a little more expensive, but are more something for the eye and not absolutely necessary.

Foundation work can vary greatly depending on the nature of the soil or previous use. You should calculate between 10,000 and 20,000 euros. There is also the option of buying a used padel court - but you should definitely check out the padel court beforehand and contractually regulate the transport and construction in detail.


Calculation for the construction of a padel court

Padel court incl. assembly, statics & testing 21.500,- Euro
Foundation work 13,500 euros
Total costs 35,000 euros



Of course, not all questions have been answered yet.

But here you can see the individual Compare Padel Court Manufacturer and contact.

And then hopefully you will get an answer to all your questions 🙂