Padel Federation Netherlands

The Dutch Padel Federation (Nederlands Padelbond - NPB) is a non-profit association that aims to strengthen and promote the sport of padel in Holland in all areas. As a member of the FIP (Federación Internacional de Pádel), the association represents the interests of Holland on an international level and can provide its own team selection for the World Championships and organise FIP tournaments in its own country.

The objectives of the NPB:

  • Organised play at the padel sites in the Netherlands
  • Cooperation, as the representative organisation of Padel in the Netherlands, with other national organisations in other countries.
  • Establish rules of play and competition and promote compliance with them
  • Promotion and construction of new padel sports facilities on unused land in Holland
  • Aspiration to become a member of the NOC (National Olympic Committee)
  • Training and certification of padel coaches

Products and services of the Dutch Padelbond

  • Implementation of the Dutch Padel Circuit
  • Recruitment of the Dutch National Padel Team
  • Competence centre (why padel in the club, what are the advantages, etc.)
  • Publication of the club on this website with a link to your own homepage
  • Training programmes and courses
  • Membership for associations
  • Membership for players
  • Promotion via social media and digital news
  • Dissemination of rules and regulations
  • Support with technical technical questions

Player Membership (10 € per year) at the Padelbond:

  • Access to the Dutch padel circuit
  • Access to certified padel coaches for optimal play
  • Insights and participation in the Dutch ranking system (also linked to the international ranking)
  • latest news via social media and email with exclusive discounts for members on padel equipment

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Padel Federation Netherlands


  • FIP Membership
  • EPA Membership
  • Non-profit
  • Association account


Contact details

  • Address:Tannhäuserdreef 370
  • POSTCODE:3561
  • City:Utrecht
  • Land:Netherlands

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