Padel or tennis? The big comparison: which sport is better, easier to learn or more fun?

Padel and tennis in comparison: Two racket sports that share what you need - a racket, a ball and the absolute will to outwit your opponent with a skilful stroke. While tennis, with its centuries-old prestige, greets the sporting world like a distinguished gentleman at Wimbledon, padel slips onto the stage with a wink and a casual high-five.

It's as if Tennis is the striving older brother who sticks to tradition, while Padel is the younger, free-spirited sibling who challenges the family to a game in the backyard.

Both provide endless hours of entertainment, but their personalities couldn't be more different.


Advantages and disadvantages of padel:

1. easier to learn: Padel is generally easier to learn than tennis, as the rackets are smaller and easier to handle and you can also play the balls against the walls. This allows beginners to progress more quickly.
2. lower risk of injury: Padel is generally regarded as a safe sport that is also suitable for older athletes.
3. social game: Padel is a team sport that is often played in doubles. It promotes social interaction, strengthens team spirit and is fun because you always play with others.

1. limited popularity: Padel is less well known and less widespread than tennis in some countries. This may mean that there are fewer opportunities to play padel or compete with other players.
2. less athleticism: padel courts are smaller than tennis courts, which means less running. Players don't have to cover such long distances to reach the ball.
3. limited professional career opportunities: Padel does not yet have as established and extensive a professional tournament scene as tennis. This could be a limitation for players who want to pursue a career in professional sport. However, padel is on the rise and is becoming more and more professional.

Advantages and disadvantages of tennis:

1. sporting versatility: Tennis offers a wide range of hitting techniques, playing strategies and physical challenges. It requires both strength and endurance and offers many opportunities to develop technical and athletic skills.
2. greater popularity: Tennis is one of the world's most popular sports with a large number of players and fans. This means that there are more opportunities to play tennis, compete and be part of an active tennis community.
3. professional career opportunities: Tennis has an established professional tournament scene with numerous opportunities to establish yourself as a professional player and be financially successful.

1. more difficult to learn: Tennis requires more time and practice to master the basic stroke techniques. The larger rackets and faster balls can make the learning process more difficult for beginners.
2. higher risk of injury: Tennis is played on very different surfaces, which increases the risk of injury from quick movements and abrupt stops (hard courts) and slips (grass and clay courts), especially on grass and hard courts.
3. individual competition: Tennis is often played in singles, which involves less social interaction and teamwork. Some players may find this less entertaining or less motivating.


Numerous athletes use tennis and padel as a balance to football.

Here are some well-known examples:

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimović - The Swedish football star is known for his passion for padel. He has even invested in padel clubs and regularly shows off his skills on the court.
  2. Gerard Piqué - The former Spanish football defender has made his love of padel public and actively takes part in matches.
  3. Andrés Iniesta - Another footballer who shows his interest and commitment to padel alongside his football career.
  4. Peter Sagan - The Slovakian professional cyclist is also a fan of padel, which shows that the game has appeal beyond football.
  5. Carlo Ancelotti - The Italian football coach, currently at Real Madrid, is also a keen padel player.


And German professional footballers also love padel:

  1. Jürgen Klopp - The Liverpool FC coach is known for his love of padel and has shared this in interviews.
  2. Thomas Müller - The FC Bayern Munich player has made his enthusiasm for padel public.
  3. Hansi Flick - The German football coach, formerly with FC Bayern Munich and now with the German national team, is also a fan of padel.
  4. Mario Götze - The professional footballer has shown his love of padel on social media.
  5. and many more 🙂

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