Padel tennis

Padel Tennis is a mixture of tennis and squash and has the huge advantage that you can really get going after the first training session. Padel tennis is always played in fours, i.e. two doubles play against each other. Balls are used that are so similar to tennis balls that you can hardly tell the difference.

Basically, padel and tennis balls are also the same - but they have different amounts of air pressure. Padel balls are somewhat softer and do not bounce as high.

Here you will find an explanation of what exactly the Difference between tennis balls and padel balls is.

In padel tennis, you play with padel rackets. These are about the size of bacon board rackets, weigh 350 to 400 grams and are usually made of carbon and/or aluminium.

Here you will find a precise description of what is special about padel rackets and which Padel Racket fits best for which type of player.

Of course, there are other similarities between padel and tennis. For example, the counting system (0, 15, 30 and 40) or the sets, which are played to 6 and decided in a tie break at 6:6.


Padel Tennis Video

Padel Tennis

Although there are many similarities between tennis and padel, the differences outweigh them. At the latest, when you stand on a padel court for the first time, you will notice the Differences between tennis and padel notice. Luckily, new padel locations are added every month, so you can play padel tennis near you.


Paddle Tennis

Some still refer to it as paddle or paddle tennis. In German-speaking countries, however, padel tennis or simply paddle tennis has become popular. Padel established.

Below is an overview of the most important padel tennis locations:


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