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What's happening in the world of padel tennis right now?

Padel tennis continues to experience a remarkable upswing in Germany, fuelled by new initiatives and its increasing popularity as a trend sport. Here is an overview of the current developments from different directions, which show how dynamic the growth process of padel in Germany is! CUPRA German Padel Tour The CUPRA German Padel Tour, initiated by the German...

Padel basics: What beginners should know

Padel is a dynamic and social sport that is becoming increasingly popular - and not just in Spain or Latin America, but also in this country. So if you're looking for a new training option or just enjoy a responsive game of padel, padel could be just the thing for you. But what is...

Tennis Point (Padel Point) files for insolvency - Signa Sports cleans up its act

Signa Sports United's (SSU) subsidiary Tennis Point has taken a significant financial step by filing for insolvency. This development comes after a key decision by René Benko, the investor behind Signa Holding, to withdraw a key funding commitment. The financial challenges of SSU and its subsidiaries have led to this critical juncture....

Padel Tournament: Boss German Padel Open in Düsseldorf - Final on 1 October 2023

SATURDAY, 23 - MONDAY, 25.09 Qualifying: World Padel Tour Düsseldorf qualifying rounds at the club at We are Padel for men and women. TUESDAY, 26.09 The first matches of the men's round of the last 32 will start, while the women will play their qualifying final matches. WEDNESDAY, 27.09 Local Heroes: 8 men's and 12 women's matches will be played, distributed...

Padel fan Cristiano Ronaldo becomes investor of Cidade do Padel

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes an investor in Cidade do Padel through a partnership with the Lusofinança consortium and CR7. This was confirmed by the Portuguese Padel Federation. Ronaldo expressed his pride at being able to realise this long-held dream in his home country. The project, which is headed by Felipe de Botton, is intended to strengthen Portugal internationally in padel tennis, according to...

Westphalian Padel Championships celebrate their premiere in Werne at the end of October 2023

The Westphalian Padel Championships will celebrate their premiere on 28 and 29 October 2023 in Werne. This open tournament reflects the growing interest in the trend sport, which is still quite young in Germany and is characterised by fast and spectacular rallies. More than 20 clubs in Westphalia have already shown interest in padel. The tournament is organised in cooperation...

TSV Peißenberg approves the construction of new padel courts for 130,000 euros

At an extraordinary general meeting, TSV Peißenberg approved the construction of new padel courts at its tennis facility for about 130,000 euros. This is the first such facility in the district of Weilheim-Schongau (Bavaria). A grant from the BLSV will cover about 50,000 euros. In addition, the TSV can reclaim 20,000 euros in input tax through commercial use. The...

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