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New padel courts in Saarland at TC Viktoria

The enthusiasm for padel is unmistakable in Saarland. TC Viktoria has taken a bold step with its "Padel & Beach" theme and seamlessly integrated beach volleyball, padel and tennis. Where there were once three tennis courts, there is now a beach volleyball court and two state-of-the-art Padelcreations PREMIUM SEP-A padel courts, known for their exceptional structural integrity of Padelcreations. In addition,...

New at Padelcreations: PREMIUM line with German type statics according to DIN standard

Padelcreations has this week launched its new PREMIUM line, which is characterised by compliance with the German DIN EN 1991-1-4:2010-12 type statics. This step represents a significant development compared to conventional padel courts, which often do not provide solid information regarding stability. By adapting to the stricter German DIN standards, the PREMIUM line promises a higher level of...

Building padel courts in Germany in compliance with wind zones and DIN standards

The construction of padel courts in Germany requires careful planning and consideration of various standards, in particular the 4 wind zones and relevant DIN standards. These factors ensure the safety and longevity of the facilities. Padel and DIN standards Padel, a mixture of tennis and squash, is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. For the construction of padel courts, however, specific...

Padel racket review of the Adidas METALBONE HRD+ 3.3 - the padel racket by Ale Galán

The Adidas Padel METALBONE HRD+ 3.3 is an outstanding racket designed for advanced and professional players who want to combine precision and power in their game. This model is characterised by its innovative technology and high-quality materials, which make it a preferred choice among top players. Features of the Adidas Padel METALBONE HRD+...

What's happening in the world of padel tennis right now?

Padel tennis continues to experience a remarkable upswing in Germany, fuelled by new initiatives and its increasing popularity as a trend sport. Here is an overview of the current developments from different directions, which show how dynamic the growth process of padel in Germany is! CUPRA German Padel Tour The CUPRA German Padel Tour, initiated by the German...

Padel basics: What beginners should know

Padel is a dynamic and social sport that is becoming increasingly popular - and not just in Spain or Latin America, but also in this country. So if you're looking for a new training option or just enjoy a responsive game of padel, padel could be just the thing for you. But what is...

Tennis Point (Padel Point) files for insolvency - Signa Sports cleans up its act

Signa Sports United's (SSU) subsidiary Tennis Point has taken a significant financial step by filing for insolvency. This development comes after a key decision by René Benko, the investor behind Signa Holding, to withdraw a key funding commitment. The financial challenges of SSU and its subsidiaries have led to this critical juncture....

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