Padbol is a sport related to padel tennis, which is also often played in padel clubs, but also in football clubs.

Because: Padbol is basically a mixture of padel, tennis, football and volleyball.

And padbol is of course the youngest of this sport - pabol was only "invented" in La Plata in 2008.


Where is Padbol played?

Especially in Argentina, where the sport also comes from.

In the meantime, however, Padbol courts can be found all over the world - in Germany, Austria, Uruguay, Paryguay, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA, among others.


Padbol History

Padbol was founded in 2008 by Gustavo Miguens in La Plata, Argentina. The first pitch was built in 2011 and other Argentine cities such as Rojas, Punta Alta and Buenos Aires followed.

Then came the first Padbol roaches abroad: as with the Padel Tennis Spain was the first European country where Padbol was successfully established. Other countries in Europe and around the world quickly followed.

The first Padbol World Cup took place back in 2013 - in its place of origin in La Plata, Argentina, of course!

The first world champions were the Spanish pair Ocaña and Palacios.

In the meantime there is also the European Padbol Tour!


Padbol rules

Playing field

The pitch is a rectangle 10 metres long and 6 metres wide (inside dimensions). It is divided transversely by a net suspended from a wire with a maximum diameter of 1 cm, the ends of which are attached to two support posts, the insides of which coincide with the lateral boundaries of the pitch. in each corner of the pitch there is a gable and two side walls attached to it.

The gable and the side walls should be at least 2.50 metres high and correspond to each other.

The net height is between 90 and 100 centimetres in the middle and a maximum of 100 cm at the ends.

There must be at least one access to the track with a minimum width of 0.60 metres and a height of 2 metres per side.

It may or may not have a door.



There are three zones: Service zone, reception zone and red zone.

  1. Service zone : This is where the servers must meet to execute their serves and is bounded by the 3.25 metre line in the net, the side walls and the bottom wall.
  2. Reception area : Located between the net, the central service line, the line going from side to side of the track (width) and side glass and / or close the boundary wall. The lines marked on the floor are included in the valid box for long.
  3. Red zone : The area forming one metre for the net of each side, delimited by a line between the cut and the width of the whole court. It must be red.


Padbol ball

The ball must have a uniform outer surface and be white or yellow.

Its circumference is 670 mm and it should be made of polyurethane; its weight can be between 380 grams and 400 grams.


Padbol at a glance:

  • Players: 4. Played in doubles format.
  • Serves: The serve must be underhanded. A second serve is allowed in case of a fault, as in tennis.
  • Points: The scoring method is the same as in tennis. The matches go over three sets.
  • Ball: Football, but smaller
  • Courts: There are two types of courts: Indoor and outdoor courts
  • Walls: Walls or fences are part of the game.


Padbol Video

And here you can directly watch how the Champs play Padbol:

The Padbol video is from the Padbol Nations Cup 2022 at the Union Trendsportzentrum in Vienna held.