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The Spanish Padel Federation FEP ("Federacion Espanola de Padel") is by far the largest association of its kind in Europe. A large number of regional padel associations in Spain are subject to the Spanish Padel Federation. Founded in 1992, the Spanish Padel Federation represents the interests of the players and padel locations vis-à-vis the world federation FIP.

Padel is a popular sport in Spain and the sport enjoys an extremely high profile and a very good infrastructure. Countless padel courts are available and so the main focus is on promoting and standardising organised play at regional and national level.

This also includes coach training and increasingly the promotion of young talent.

Padel Federation Spain


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  • Address:Avda. Francisco Guerrero 6B
  • POSTCODE:28706
  • City:San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)
  • Land:Spain

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