The Deutscher Padel Bund e.V. (current information at was founded in July 2011 and is the padel association for Germany. The DPB is currently in the admission process of the international padel federation FIP and is already providing the current German national padel team for the European Padel Championships in Rome, Italy, in November 2019.


DPB members in dark orange. Neutral padel sites in light orange.


Among other things, the DPB padel association organises a Germany-wide tournament series, the German Padel Tour, Training camps for German padel selectors and seminars in theory and practice for aspiring padel coaches and, of course, inaugurations for new padel facilities throughout Germany:


Furthermore, the German Padel Federation organises training camps with the official coach of the DPB, Alberto Melgar, and is currently setting up various padel tennis departments to proactively develop the sport of padel in Germany.

Current Board of Directors of the DPB:


  • President: Dirk Jungels
  • Vice-President: Frank Hofen
  • Vice-President: Thomas Lönnegren
  • Vice-President: Hubert Bullach
  • Vice-President:Diego Sanchez
  • Vice-President: Jörg Vogel
  • Vice-President: Harry Payrleitner


See also: Minutes of the DPB General Assembly 2019

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Here it goes to the Website of the German Padel Federation and here to the Facebook page of the DPB.


Register of associations, tax office and bank details:

  • Register Court: VR 4918 Duisburg Local Court
  • Tax office Duisburg-Süd, tax number: 109-5974-0825
  • Bank details: Frankfurter Volksbank e.G. - IBAN No. DE59 5019 0000 7200 5814 44 - BIC - FFVBDEFF


Extract from the Duisburg Register of Associations (as of 18.09.2017 - as soon as a new extract is available with the status of the 2019 General Assembly, the data will be updated here; gallery):

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  • EPA Membership
  • Non-profit
  • Association account


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