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Padel Boom builds courts with the highest quality and safety standards. Padel Boom padel courts are made of high-quality materials with the highest life expectancy. All metal parts are fully galvanised and manufactured with high precision. Padel Boom is mainly active in Austria.

There are 3 different types of padel courts to choose from (indoor and outdoor as well as mobile).

Technical information about the Padel Boom courts:

Metal cage:

  • welded, fully galvanised tubes (80 x 40 or 40 x 40) with 2 mm thickness
  • lacquered - colour according to customer's request


  • Safety glass with selectable 10 mm or 12 mm thickness

Artificial turf:

  • 12 mm Mondo artificial grass surface with 0.3 - 0.6 mm round-grained granules
  • Colours are selectable


  • 4 light poles, extra anchored to avoid vibrations
  • Lighting fixture selectable 400 W Metalarc or 200 W LED lighting fixture

The Court Professional is already available from 19,000 euros.


The Padel Boom motto is: substructure plus padel court plus transport - all from one source!

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  • Foundation
  • Base Court
  • Panorama Court
  • Hall construction
  • Legal advice
  • Leasing
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Activation player
  • Gastronomy concept

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  • Company:Padel Boom
  • Address:Vereinsgasse 7/23
  • POSTCODE:1020
  • City:Vienna
  • Land:Austria

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