Padel Enge-Sande

A padel facility with 3 outdoor padel courts and 3 indoor padel courts has been located on the GreenTEC Campus since summer 2020.

All those interested in padel are welcome to get to know the padel facility and this new popular sport, which is still quite unknown in Germany.

In Germany, padel is still in its infancy; in Spain, padel has been a trend sport for many years and is already more popular than the classic game of tennis.

If you have a passion for ball and racket and play once in a glass cage, you have no chance of escaping padel fever.

National and international tournaments

There will be taster days, game nights, open events, fun padel, regular training times, tournaments etc. The schedule will be announced as soon as possible.


Book a padel court in Enge-Sande

In the first year, a fee of only € 8 per hour and place is charged as an introductory offer.

You can conveniently reserve places with us via the internet at any time. You save time and protect the environment because you don't have to drive to the facility. You also receive an overview of your future booked hours.

Book here!


Padel training with national player Stuart Duggan

The opportunity for private padel training (men and women) with national player Stuart Duggan is always available on Sundays:
1 to 2 persons:30 €/hr.
3 to 4 persons: 32 €/hr.
plus court fees

We are particularly pleased that Stuart Duggan, a very experienced national padel player, is supporting us as a coach.

Padel Enge-Sande - 6 padel courts

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  • Indoor Padel
  • Outdoor Padel
  • Racket rental
  • Padel Training
  • Padel tournaments
  • Online booking
  • Gastronomy

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Padel Enge-Sande News

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  • Address:Lecker Street 7
  • POSTCODE:25917
  • City:Enge-Sande
  • Land:Germany

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