Padel Baden-Baden

Playing padel in Baden-Baden and the surrounding area

There is currently one padel court in Baden-Baden. At Baden-Baden Court4 can be played in a panorama court. Thanks to floodlighting, the outdoor court can be played on at any time.

The Court4 sports facility also regularly hosts Paddle tournamentsevents and workshops take place. In addition, there is a padel school with Axel Bernhard, who is from the Padel World Federation FIP was trained.

Nearby you can also visit Karlsruhe Play Padel!

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

Padel News Baden-Baden

4 new Padel locations on

The Padel triumph in Germany continues and so we have added 4 new Padel locations to this week - three from Padelon in Hamburg (2x) and Karlsruhe as well as Jay P Padel in Coburg. Padelon Padel facilities Padelon operates several padel locations - here are the first three (more to follow): Padel Hamburg Rahlstedt...

Eckert & Schwörer win padel tournament in Karlsruhe

A padel tournament of the 2nd highest category was held this weekend in Karlsruhe at the TC Grötzingen facility. Top padel players from all over Germany came to this special event. It was the first tournament of this category in Karlsruhe. But more tournaments are sure to follow soon at the Karlsruhe padel venue!

Karlsruhe: Course offers Padel for students

The Karlsruhe Ice Skating and Tennis Club, the Spvgg Durlach-Aue and the TC Grötzingen offer padel courses for students. But that's not all: the University of Karlsruhe has already commissioned its own court and another padel court is being added in Durlach-Aue!

After Work Padel in Karlsruhe - every 1st & 3rd Monday of the month

Padel is easy and quick to learn. The rules are similar to tennis, but the court and the rackets are much smaller. In addition, the disc adjacent to the court can be integrated into the game. The special thing about padel is that players of different ages and skill levels can play very well together...