Padel Lake Constance

Play padel at Lake Constance: In the beautiful border triangle between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, padel can be played in Bregenz. Two outdoor padel courts with artificial turf are available on the sports grounds of TC Hard Vorarlberg. The courts are located in Bregenz-Hard in Austria.

The two are still Padel Courts of TC Bregenz Hard the only ones on Lake Constance. But two brand new padel courts are already planned in Lindau-Wasserburg!

It remains exciting whether other clubs in Constance, Friedrichshafen, Bregenz or Lindau will follow suit!

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

Padel News Lake Constance

Padel in Wasserburg on Lake Constance - everyone help out now!

Environmental protection in all honour - but some of the arguments put forward by the Lindau League for Nature Conservation against the construction of a padel facility in Wasserburg on Lake Bodeen are far-fetched. But read for yourself what the Schwäbische has to report: "This planned structure of glass and concrete is alien to the landscape and bears no relation whatsoever to the...