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Okay, padel hasn't quite made it to the city of Bremen yet, but there is a small, enchanting facility in Bremen-Weyhe that offers a lot of family flair and where they are currently building the second court. Alex Schwarz and Malte Daum show wonderfully how padel works in a club!

And there is a larger football club next door and it would hardly surprise anyone if one or the other footballer were soon to be seen regularly on the Bremer Padel courts at the TC Weyhe facility will find!

And nearby, more precisely in Hagen im Bremischen, a project is just starting near the Piratenburg, where swimming and padel courts are to be built. -->

Not to be confused with Hagen in NRW - by the way, a really big padel location is to be built there soon.

See also Padel Ruhr Area.

Padel courts - Map

Padel News Bremen

Padel tennis for kids? Of course! Weyhe shows the way...

Padel for kids: As part of the Weyher Ferienkiste, five 9 and 10 year olds yesterday (27.6.2017) and eight 11 year olds today (28.6.2017) took part in the Padelcamp at the Padel facility Bremen-Weyhe which consisted of 2 hours of ball exercises and 2 hours of game forms. The children only had to pay 2,- Euro to the sports promotion of the municipality for this...

Sports Festival of TC 71 Weyhe and GPS100 Tournament

On 10 June 2017, the sports festival of the TC 71 Weyhe takes place. Tennis, padel and boules will be played. There will be coffee and cake and delicacies from the grill. So you can look forward to a colourful summer party, play a few good games of padel and collect GPS points for the German padel ranking...

New padel facility near Bremen

A new padel facility is soon to be built at the Melchiorshauser Sportnebenzentrum. This will fill out the German padel map more and more! The costs for the construction of the padel facility are currently estimated at around 60,000 euros; however, not all decisions have been...

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