Padel Karlsruhe

In Karlsruhe, there are currently 4 facilities where padel tennis can be played. These are Padel Durlach-Aue, Padel at the KETV and Padel Grötzingen and indoor padel in the Padel Hall Ettlingen.

These 4 Padel locations are not only used by many recreational padel players, but are also frequently the venue of Padel tournaments and padel championships (e.g. the South German Padel Championship).

Karlsruhe University has now also included padel in its university sports programme and offers padel courses.

In the future, the University of Karlsruhe even wants its own Build padel courts and operate.

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

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Padel News Karlsruhe

Eckert & Schwörer win padel tournament in Karlsruhe

A padel tournament of the 2nd highest category was held this weekend in Karlsruhe at the TC Grötzingen facility. Top padel players from all over Germany came to this special event. It was the first tournament of this category in Karlsruhe. But more tournaments are sure to follow soon at the Karlsruhe padel venue!

Karlsruhe: Course offers Padel for students

The Karlsruhe Ice Skating and Tennis Club, the Spvgg Durlach-Aue and the TC Grötzingen offer padel courses for students. But that's not all: the University of Karlsruhe has already commissioned its own court and another padel court is being added in Durlach-Aue!

After Work Padel in Karlsruhe - every 1st & 3rd Monday of the month

Padel is easy and quick to learn. The rules are similar to tennis, but the court and the rackets are much smaller. In addition, the disc adjacent to the court can be integrated into the game. The special thing about padel is that players of different ages and skill levels can play very well together...

1st padel tennis court opens in Karlsruhe

On Sunday, 10.07.2016, the SpVgg Durlach-Aue a big event: The new padel tennis court will be inaugurated on the grounds of the Oberwald Stadium. From 12:00 to 16:00, the members of the Spielvereinigung and all interested visitors can learn more about the sport, which is especially widespread in Spain and South America...