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There are currently 3 padel sports facilities in Cologne - firstly, the Cologne Outdoor Padel courts at the University of Cologne and on the other hand 4 indoor padel courts in the Padelbox Walls Cologne and directly next to it, outdoor padel courts at TC Weiden Köln.

So in Cologne you will find the perfect opportunity to play a padel match in all weather conditions.

But Cologne is not only a great location for local padel players - the many, best-seated Paddle tournaments with international padel players from the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and many other countries have meanwhile earned Cologne a more than respectable reputation in the German padel scene!

Padeltennis courts - Map

Padel News Cologne

Padel Tennis Holiday Camp for Children in Cologne from 24.07.17

The coaching team of the walls #Academy is offering a padel tennis holiday camp for children in the padelBOX for the first time this year. For 4 days, there's lots of fun and exercise around the padel cages. According to the motto "Training, Match, Game & Fun", everyone will get their money's worth. A padel session in the morning, delicious lunch and games in the afternoon....

The next Padel tournaments are coming up! Cologne, Berlin & Cuxhaven

It's nice to be spoilt for choice! Next weekend, two tournaments are scheduled at the same time: Firstly, the Playdays at the Walls padel facility in Cologne for rookies, amateurs and pros. If you've been there before, you know that there are padel matches with equally strong opponents and a great community...

Strong padel tournaments in Cologne and Berlin

High-performance padel was played at two locations this weekend: in Cologne at the Walls-Padelbox facility as well as in Berlin, the yellow felt balls were hit hard! The first Walls Playdays 2017 took place in Cologne. All the games were of a high standard and provided players with...

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