Padel Munich

Paddle sports also continue to thrive in Bavaria's capital city. In Munich, among other places, you can play in the SportScheck All-Weather Padel be played.

This padel facility is also the home ground of the Padel Club Munich. The Bavarian club regularly hosts very well organised paddle tournaments, which also have a good reputation far beyond the Bavarian borders.

Of course, taster courses and training offers can also be taken at the padel location in Munich via the club.

Currently under construction in Munich Geretsried a new padel facility with two brand new outdoor padel courts. The padel courts are scheduled to officially open in spring 2018.

And north of Munich, in Nuremberg, there is also a fantastic outdoor padel facility in the Nuremberg CAM since spring 2017.

All padel locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at a glance:

Map Padel courts

There is now a padel court for almost every padel player!

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Padel News

Interview: Munich made for padel - from someone who should know

We were in Munich at the ISPO and met many passionate padel fans in the Padel Village. One of them, however, was particularly dedicated. Permanently to be found at or in the court, tirelessly with rackets in hand and explaining padel - Álvaro Alonso is his name and he is the president of the first padel club in Munich...